August 27, 2016

OCR together with the Museum of Contemporary Cuts and the program in Arts Administration @ Boston University are proud to announce that the IAVC@BostonUniversity will be free for speakers and attendees. Attendees can register at this link and registration is required. In a period in which conference fees have skyrocketed due to a dramatic increase in the transformation of universities in business ventures, this is not a small achievement.


As Conference Chair I would like to personally thank the Center for the Humanities at Boston University that have made this possible by providing us with a generous grant. In particular I would like to thank Prof. James Winn for his support and for believing in this project.


Thanks go also to the support of the Dean of Metropolitan College Tanya Zlateva and to Associate Dean Lou Chitkushev, who have supported this project as part of the research activities of the Arts Administration program at Boston University.


Finally I would like to make some personal considerations, as unusual these may be. Something that is free (that does not imply a money exchange) does not necessarily mean that is free of costs, financial and otherwise. The financials have been substituted with manpower and with many hours of hard work that people have volunteered for this project: maintenance of the website, organization of program, reviewing of the submissions, dissemination online and administration / organizing, in order to ensure that spaces and all other elements that make a good conference are in place.


This conference, THE SOCIAL, has been realized with the tireless support and dedication of some people and I would like to thank them for having continued to work with me over the years: Ozden Sahin, Jonathan Munro and Deniz Cem Onduygu. Also, I would like to thank Kris Weir, a student of the Arts Administration program, who has contributed and worked throughout the summer for the realization of this conference way beyond her call of duty.

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