It Looks Like Art

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It Looks Like Art is the new exhibition of the Media Exhibition Platform (MEP) that coincides with the Sound Art Curating Conference at Goldsmiths and the Courtauld. The exhibition is an international collaboration that sees the partnerships of MEP, NYU Steinhardt, Goldsmiths, Kasa Gallery and other international institutions. The exhibition is a counterpoint to the show at Kasa Gallery […]

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Fifty Sisters (And Other Relations)

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Fifty Sisters is a series of images algorithmically “grown” from computer code using artificial evolution and generative grammars. Each plant-like form in the series is derived from deconstructed graphic elements derived from oil company logos. The title of the work refers to the original “Seven Sisters” – a cartel of seven oil companies that dominated the global petrochemical industry and […]

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Fragments That Remain

Reinterpretations and interrelated contexts create new modalities of perception and understanding, leading to the rediscovery of the self and human commonalities beyond local realities and globalized stereotypes. Transcending simple technological transfer – or re-mediation – transmediation entails the reinvention of a previously created artwork in order to produce a new work that is still the same work. Through the process […]

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Darwin’s Garden

Chris Meigh-Andrews’ art practice involves moving image installations that aspire to create links between aspects of location, history, technology, landscape, ambient conditions and natural forces. Over recent years he has produced a number of digital video projections and site-specific installations that explore the relationship between iconic or historical photographic images, people or locations and contemporary views, perspectives and visualizations. His […]

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See Time

What do you see, when you picture time? Think about the next week, month, or year… the rest of your life, or your life so far. Does a picture come into your head? Commencing on the “ides of March” and running for 30 days, Leonardo Electronic Almanac is proud to announce artists Walczak & Wattenberg’s new project: SEETIME, an exploration […]

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Biotopia Revisited

According to Stelarc the body is obsolete. If the body is obsolete, as Stelarc hypothesizes, what does this mean? In one sense, perhaps art is obsolete as well. Instead, new collective concepts appear that ‘pick up’ art again, and use it for something different – as attested to by examples such as ‘New Media Art’, ‘Digital art’, and ‘Media Art’. […]

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Parasitism to Symbiosis

We are excited to launch the second full year of LEA’s digital exhibition platform by presenting Parasitism to Symbiosis by Ken Rinaldo throughout the month of January 2012. Rinaldo’s practice is recognized for its integration of organic and electro-mechanical elements in installations that blur the boundaries between the organic and inorganic. His robotic and bio-artworks assert the emerging symbiogenesis between […]

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The Body Is a Big Place

This November we are presenting ‘The Body is a Big Place’ by Helen Pynor and Peta Clancy, with sound by Gail Priest. The online presentation of the project is linked to its exhibition at Performance Space, Sydney from 3 – 26 November 2011 curated by Bec Dean. The work explores the notion of exchange in the context of organ transplantation, […]

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Interactive Relationships

During October, we are pleased to present the work of French artists Gregory Lasserre and Anais met den Ancxt, who operate as Scenocosme.

The new media practice of Scenocosme spans interactive art, music and architecture in order to create evolutionary and highly participatory artworks. Drawing upon multiple forms of expression, they invite the spectator to be in the centre of musical […]

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High Arctic

Over 22 days in September 2010, British arts organization Cape Farewell undertook its ninth art/science expedition to the Arctic. Sailing from Longyearbyen around the north-east coast of Spitsbergen in the Norwegian arctic, a group of fifteen artists and scientists encountered the magnificence of this extreme and threatened environment and engaged with the scientific research being conducted on board. Amongst the […]

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